Saturday, March 21, 2009

Clearly Contrasted Callings:

Below is a part of a great book called Battle Cry For MY guys should really read it. Its about standing up and being a warrior for Christ 24-7.

A club Member...
~Pursues a common interest.
~Consumes some free time.
~Passes the time to make the day fun.
~Considers preparation as optional to staying involved
~Finds courage not neccessary.

A soldier...
~Pursues a common mission
~Dedicates a whole life
~Gathers fellow warriors
~Seizes the day to make the battle count
~Considers preparation as crucial to staying alive
~ Finds courage indispensable.

"Living for Christ was never meant to be a partway thing. It is a radical, life changing decision to the controls of your life over to God---forever."

"We're facing a battle as equally terrifying as the Allies faced on D-Day. This battle however, is spiritual...they knew the actions they were planning were dangerous, but they also knew that the greatest risk was doing nothing."

Remember: real lives are waiting on the other side of YOUR obedience.

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